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Characters changing mechanism in Pangaea
We, in LVR Studio devote much time to different small items and achievement of maximum reality in the game. One of the instruments to achieve this goal is the mechanism of outward appearance change. It refers to the visual part of the player and responsible for constitution, face, mimicry, hair style and skin of the character.

The work is being conducted over creation of the editor who will allow to build-up the outward appearance of practically for any requests. Hair-covering, depot fat and muscles, scars, freckles and birthmarks, different spots and even tattoos – we try to make the appearance of the character to be limited to only the fantasy of the player.
Publication date: 2016-02-28

The Order of the black mark
Kinects are the best in technologies and the science, it is known on the whole world of Pangaea. And only the deaf did not hear on the order of the black mark. This community unites best brains of the new world for invention of new technologies and creation of perfect mechanisms which make their owners more powerful. It is known that the force of kinects directly depends on the power and reliability of their equipment, and things made by masters of the order never give failure.

The number of masters of the order is not big and not everybody can get there. For creation of such kind of works of art remarkable talent and huge experience is needed behind them. Even having received the drawing in hands of any mechanism created by the order, the ordinary master cannot create it. The masters of the order mark their inventions with special black mark and after it they become practically invaluable.
Publication date: 2016-03-14


About Pangaea

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  • Hidden Dangers of Pangaea

Unannounced from the far reaches of space a mysterious deep space “Ark” arrives shrouded in suspicion and fear. This enigma lands on Earth and the immense deep space “Ark” stood as a majestic charade silently drawing the intense query of the Earth’s most preeminent scientists to provide an answer to the conundrum that has created extraordinary monumental amounts of fear and doomsday speculation. This interstellar “Ark” stood in eerie silence and a dead calm for many months never revealing its intention.

Suddenly, all silence was broken in a rapid barrage of nuclear missiles that hit the surface of the extraterrestrial vessel. A unified global government response motivated as much by fear as ignorance had unknowingly, under the guise of taking the final step for the salvation of mankind, launch an all out an attempt to destroy the ships by any means. To strike a “Huge blow” were the morbid and self-eradicating "the last words of mankind", which brought to the verge of extinction the entire human race.

The world was plunged into darkness, but at the eye of the storm there remained an untouched area around the ark. This was only place where the world survived. Now it's Pangaea, a dangerous, mysterious, and foreboding new world in which the remnants of humanity must begin the process of survival and the reconstruction of human civilization from the ashes of the old.

The world has changed and will never be the same again. Blows to the ark have left their mark. In some places and there were cracks, while others formed the whole faults. These newly formed fissures have started to leak in massive flows of unknown gases and bacteria, which soon filled the entire space inside the dome. The escaping gases and bio-contagions have cause the mass extermination of people those that did not die mutated. The uncontrolled process of mutation and spread of wildlife brought mankind to the brink of extinction ...

The remnant of human survivors tried to find salvation in themselves as arks and the symbols of the indomitable human spirit. coming together in groups in the process of building the human race once more. . These small band of humans survived and thrived bypassing the most terrible and dangerous anomalies and mutated creatures. This self motivated and remnant reached its goal was rewarded.

Inside the ark survivors found capsules, which were read by touching their genetic code and endowed them with immortality. Later, scientists developed special teleportation who transferred between immortals and eliminated parts of their human frailties. Humanity rejoiced, it had finally found a panacea for all ills.

The Immortal being thought that they had became gods. Any death turned around just moving to a teleporter. But there are two sides of the coin. Ordinary people perceive them as outcasts, and began to hunt and kill immortals they viewed it as punishment, because in fact, it is not murder at all.

People began to re-divide the territory. The Immortal army on one side and humans on the other. The fight ensued and took cruel turn because, they had nothing to lose. Society split into several factions, eager to destroy each other at any cost. The world had been cast into a never before witnessed Dark Ages.

some went on to study the devices and wonder of the ark despite the dangers danger, in search of valuable artifacts. Only the most daring and desperate can reach great treasures hidden in the depths of the new and mysterious world of Pangea, because at every step you take can cause you to stumble upon a terrible trap, and the most horrifying monsters lurk at every turn.

With the dawn of the New World on its open spaces began to appear different groups of survivors which were growing into the community, and those in turn into a full-fledged society. Society, united in consequence of all the survivors and given rise to a number of cities, forts and settlements. Where everyone put their hearts and worked tirelessly for the sake of survival and a better future. And thus a whole new nation of Pangaea was born, where everyone was equal and worked for the common good.

But, unfortunately, that could not last forever. Society needs to be managed, and thus it needs the ruler. The strongest of people bring together and began to take control of the rest, typing in their ranks only potential leaders and scientists. They exploited the labor of ordinary people. All who have tried to go against them expelled beyond human civilization. Persecuted found themselves in areas of frightful anomalies among aggressive monsters outside their familiar world. There were thousands, but only a few were lucky to survive. Ordinary people have had nothing to do with this tyranny, and they had no choice but to accept - they were all afraid to be on the brink of survival.

Scientists were needed to the ruling elite for the development of new technologies, for the most part in the military field. They learned how to embed into the body of different mechanisms some concealed weapon, reinforcing plates to protect bones and organs from the effects of bullets and knives. It was namely at that time when injections affecting the mind and open up new possibilities for the body were developed…

Strengthened by all these transformations they became truly invincible. Half-men and half-machines - they called themselves Kinects. Kinects thought that their dominion will last forever, but actions have consequences ...

Thousands of dissenters were expelled by Kinekts to the zones of unfit living conditions. Far beyond the cities and the human in general, to the unfavorable environment consisting entirely of wild... Most of them died, but those who survived had no plans to give up. Among them were doctors and scientists, and former soldiers and engineers. They have learned to survive in such harsh conditions, but paid for his life fabulous price - because of injection of mutagens in their own body they were no longer people in the usual sense of the word. Outside the cities, and it was not heard before about the mutants. But generations were changed and they came back with the sole purpose - to avenge.

Mutants attacked the city suddenly, under the cover of night. These were powerful and highly organized gangs who killed everyone - it wasn’t matter were you an ordinary man or a Kinekt. Huge losses people suffered in those days, mutants did not give mercy to anyone and attacked without stopping. Announcing a general mobilization, people still managed to fight back, but it was hardly to call it a victory.

Utterly angry society was no longer going to tolerate the Kinects which methods of government led to the genocide of the human race. And they rose a revolt. It led to so mass effect that it affected each of the survivors of Pangea. Kinects were unable to do anything about it and were forced to accept defeat. They focused all of their forces in only a few cities and lost most of its territories. People won and began to build a new society based on equality of everyone, with respect to the rights of all and where everybody carry out their duties.

That is the World of Pangea, divided into three poles: mutants, people and Kinects. Where everyone is seeking for revenge, power and authority.

Economy of the New World is not much different from the established economic model of the Earth prior to the arrival of the arks. The entire economy of Pangaea is market based. The range of goods in the shops depends on the survivals. Shop owners get their products exclusively from the hands of the immortals. They are not connected to each other and everything each of the sellers can offer their traveler - goods purchased from another traveler. Thus, the same thing of ammunition would cost much more of the seller of the first city than of the second one. Just because for the seller of the first city that is a very rare and in the same time popular commodity, as the seller of the second city in contrary has the full of warehouses full of it, and people are still dragging and dragging more. And it's not just about the things of ammunition but about any subject having at least some value. So it is the right time to recall the concepts of supply and demand, as well as to reflect on the running your own business on the territory of this wonderful world.

This is a great idea for a business - to buy, where it’s cheaper and then to sell where the prices are higher. But you need to hurry, because in addition to you there are hundreds more of the same entrepreneurs ready for the profit to cross over the whole world for the shortest possible time.

The flip side of the coin is the inability to purchase the necessary equipment in a certain city, because of its price. Often you have to pass a great distances searching for necessary items to be cheaper. And sometimes, the sellers of Pangaea can’t offer the desired object at all.

Pangaea world is full of mysteries. The more time passed since the formation of the New World, the more secrets scientists learned. For example, they found out that if you act in a certain way on the capsule, granted for immortal people, they can enhance their perception, improve recovery , increase your running speed, accuracy and other capabilities of the human body and mind. To achieve this effect, scientists mixed into the immortal capsule various liquids extracted from certain subjects. These items are called artifacts.

Artifacts hard to detect and even harder to get, you can find them mainly in the area of abnormality. The more dangerous anomaly, the more powerful properties contains the artifact, and thus the liquid extracted from it. The look of the same artifact may be different - it may be the branch of the tree, which grows in the area of the anomaly, and canine of monster living there.

Extraction of the fluid - also is not easy, requires specific skills and experience. It is hard to get to extract fluid from the artifact, especially for a person who does not have training. Craftsman will extract liquid from the artifact, vary greatly in quality and will give more benefits to its owner.

Immortals of Pangaea found out that mixing different fluids in their capsule sometimes can give you amazing results, sometimes positively and negatively affect their body. Simultaneous use of liquids also depends on the skills and abilities of their holder. With a large number of mixed liquids at the same time you can do truly deadly "cocktail" that can give a person a true power.

The steppes of Pangaea you may imagine to still contain frost-burned and leafless trees where there are no buds on branches and little hint of greenery after the immensely destructive nuclear war. This combination enhances the eerie desolation inside ground zero around the Ark zone. The war did devastate the Earth to its very core with the massive movement of the tectonic plates, which caused massive impact on the climate. These climatic and environmental consequences were not simply negative, but vastly different. We have alluded to the results of radiation on the mutation of various animals and even the human population, but one must ask this very penetrating question are all of these change negative?

As the very resilient and irrepressible Earth began its remarkable and magnificent ascent to life there was a vast array of flora and fauna began to flourish in the new environment and climate of Pangaea. There were many types of common vegetation that could not adapt to the new climate, but the new vegetation have developed through Darwinian evolutionary protocols− survival of the fittest. These new species of grass thrive in both sun and shade, are very slow growing, and are drought-tolerant.

The newly developed flowers of the Pangaea were extremely different and adaptable to a very harsh and predator ridden environment, so the flowers adjusted and modified to become predatory themselves. The predatory plants derive most of their nutrients from trapping and consuming animals. They have adapted to grow in Pangaea where the soil is thin and poor in nutrients.

In the continuing struggle to survive, many plants have developed adaptations to cope with predation. One of these tactics is to produce sharp thorns. This deters large animals from stripping all of the foliage. Another method of protection is for a plant to produce chemicals that either kill or deter an animal or insect from eating that plant. Plants that have both toxic chemicals and thorns are equipped to handle many different threats.

Most of the plants, trees, and bushes in Pangaea produce some type of toxin or chemical substance that is poisonous to something else to counter attacks of animals, insects, and even humans. Some creatures have specialized digestive systems and can simply eat the toxins and not be affected at all, but other animals or insects can digest micro amounts and die instantly, or the toxins may cause sleep or cause vivid hallucinations, weakness, or loss of concentration

Every living creature of the New World will constantly come into contact with objects in the environment and study their ability to impact the surrounding environment. To survive you need to learn to recognize certain types of vegetation and the effects of contact with them.

The catastrophic battle that raged after the landing of the Ark led to massive earthquakes, floods, fires, and colossal releases of radiation the hastened the obliteration of the Earth as we once knew it. The extraordinary damage that was done to the planet will have lasting consequences for many aspects of life for the player in Pangaea. One of the most impacted industries was transportation of people and goods from one place to another in Pangaea.

The extremely unpredictable movement of vehicles due to shifting tectonic plates, massive and volatile magnetic fields makes any type of transportation a very precarious and perilous endeavor. Only the most skilled and highly trained people in Pangaea are able to operate vehicles, so driving is a very prestigious and scarce skill that places the holder of this skill in the highest esteem.

There are very few vehicles that remain serviceable, so not only is being able to drive these relics called transports a great skill, but the resourcefulness and ingenuity involved to repair them is vital also. Pangaea when searched there were only hundreds, if not less of serviceable vehicles found and many of these had to be stripped and salvaged for the parts to keep others road worthy. Many of the old military warehouses had been destroyed and abandoned, but for the brave people who were willing to explore and scavenge are able to find massive amounts of military equipment, but most of this equipment has to undergo some type of modifications to properly operate in Pangaea.

The modification, maintenance, repair, and upkeep of the transportation assets in Pangaea is vital for the proper functioning of the inadequate and insufficient system that serves the people. It is just a rare to find mechanics that have the highly developed and specialized skills need to keep this miserable equipment working. These three jobs are highly skilled and even more in demand because they are vital for inter-city travel that has become a fee for service industry.

The hope is that one day the scientists and engineers will discover a type of transport that will become the basis of a transportation system. There are many difficulties the must be overcome to make this dream a reality in Pangaea. Do you think you have the skill, ingenuity, or mechanical ability to be a significant player in the transportation system of Pangaea?

Food - one of the needs of humanity, it was opened from the time of foundation of the world. To be in shape and have the stamina necessary for the survival, to be able to travel great distances on foot, you definitely need to eat. Food can affect many options in the game and, although any of the immortals can easily survive without food, the food can play an important role in their life. For example, after having a decent meal, you can safely go into a long trip on foot, without the fear of being exhausted and not reaching the desired point.

As well, do not forget to always have provisions with you during a long hike, in case of anything. After all, anything can happen in the world of Pangea. Anything like, being carried away by hunting and ending up with nothing in a remote location. Then the stocked in advance food will restore your strength and you can continue on your way. Also after a hard injury from the clutches of a monster or a meeting with unpleasant anomaly which brought our traveler to the highest level of exhaustion, the food will restore the necessary health and stamina reserves and allow the traveler return to his targets.

Getting the food could be done in various ways. You can buy food the provision markets. You can hunt and provide food to the same markets, earning money. Pick berries. Or even steal food from a hapless passerby. Everything depends on your imagination and abilities.

Different types of food have their pros and cons, some can quickly restore health supplies, other affect endurance, third increase the concentration and affect shooting accuracy, fourth enable inflate running speed for a while.

In both the beautiful and terrible world of Pangea, so dual and incredible, you have to seize every opportunity to achieve its main goal - to survive. The search for food is also an important part of survival.

Fighting. Only struggle will allow to survive in this world. And where the fight there, and weapons. At the stage of formation of a new world, were looted warehouses and various military units. World broke up a tremendous amount of firearms: pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles ... The list is endless. In all the earth began outbreak of genocide. Scientists have started to create armor, capable of holding strikes firearms. Was created armor, almost completely block the damage from bullets.

A new arms race. Has been developed completely new, high-tech weaponry, armor ignore modern. It is characterized by high capacity, low accuracy and a long cooldown. But this weapon was found a counterweight. With targeted attack on the weapon high-frequency waves, it would collapse ...

In this case, the attack goes melee weapon. It has many advantages over their distant cousins. Quiet, high accuracy, high damage - this is only a small part of them. In addition, when properly handled, melee weapons can ignore modern armor. It is not surprising that in the age of high-tech firearms and ammunition, melee weapons still confidently holds its own niche, and many prefer it ranged weapons.

In the reality of the new world, a person must be able to survive use any weapon. Valiant soldier should be anyway, what in his hand weapon. The main thing - to destroy the enemy and survive. To survive in this new world. In Pangaea.

Huge world of Pangea. And huge range of trades and crafts, which can select any of the residents. In the new world, everyone is free to do anything. Whether it's trade, production of any resources, hunting, alchemy, medicine, creating unique things and objects, or military affairs ... The list is very long. How to be mined means of survival, depends on the individual.

Knowledge of any profession greatly facilitates the task of survival. The proceeds from services means you can buy the latest modification of armor and weapons, buy artifacts, and even, perhaps, man. You can personally create a unique, powerful weapon, sour cream all in its path ...

And how you like the idea to create their own armor, seeing no equal in the vast majestic world of Pangaea? Armor that blocks almost any type of known damage and thus has not too heavy weight, which allows its owner to easily move to the new world and be practically invulnerable.

Or create a poison that the slightest contact with the human body, slowly, but surely will destroy his body. Antidote for which there is only you? After all, if you run a plague on the world, imagine what line will line up to you, hoping to buy the salvation of her ...

Or become a professional burglar, in the way that all locks are opened at the moment. Cracker, which no one can catch him. Undetectable even the sunniest day. Having access to any precious and intimate secrets, hidden under lock and key.

The choice of profession plays an important role on how to develop a person's life in a new world. And makes a truly unique each of the survivors of Pangaea.

Pangaea is a vast world with an extremely large economy that is driven by an immense amount of wants and needs that must be satisfied by the wide array of professions that exist. People need shelter, food, water, weapons, and transportation to name a few of the many needs that exist in a complex society. Pangaea, also has many other needs because not only are there many people with complex needs, but there are many dangers that exist and must be guarded against.

The list of occupations, professions, and trades is very long, but all of these jobs must be completed in order to provide a stable and growing economy and society in Pangaea. There is of course, a need for the medical professions to heal the ailments of the citizens. The need for chemist and engineers, is always high because they are the people that create and maintain what is referred to as the good life. The trades are also much needed professions because the tradesmen are the people that build the needed infrastructure for society in Pangaea.

The ease and comfort of one’s life in Pangaea is heavily governed by the profession one has. Having an extremely profitable profession has the ability to transform one's life from a fight for survival to a real life with some luxuries and hope for a better future. The need for a good profession is vital to the lifestyle one is able to live. The profit one makes from a great profession will facilitate the purchase of the most high-tech weapons and armor available on the market. If weapon and armor design and manufacturing, is your profession you have the ability to personally create new innovative and unique weapons and armor that are more powerful than anything else on the market.

The choice of your profession plays a vitally important role in the development and maintenance of ones life in Pangaea. Your profession is the one thing in the new world that makes you truly unique, so make this choice with much caution and thought. If you think your are ready to make your way as a professional in Pangaea the New World. Please sign up for our newsletter by filling out the form below and becoming a citizen of Pangaea!!

For the safe existence in the new world need to have the proper equipment. Every thing in Pangaea has its pluses and minuses. Heavy armor, for example, is able to confidently protect against any shots of firearms, but have a negative impact on the running speed. Other armor protects against energy weapons, but no help from ordinary bullets. The third will be protected from all but slowly killing its owner. Number vest pocket affects the number of portable items. Amulet of goats' legs can bring good luck.

Days and nights masters of different levels create items of equipment and clothing. Hard to find in the new world a true professional of his craft. Valuable a good tailor, blacksmith and an engineer, able to create such a thing, which would be ideal way of life of a person. Nobody knows their secrets, they keep them secret and pass only the most worthy.

You can find merchants, as they buy things and sell them. In the cities, you can buy a lot of interesting things. But truly valuable items can be bought from players who own professions or their intermediaries. Craftsmen also exhibit his works things up for auction, where you can compete with other players for buying things. Production of things depends on the players, that is, in the same city professionals made light leather armor, and other metal armor. To collect a good set of things may have to go no small way.

Just good equipment can be found in the ark, and nearby, in the most dangerous monsters, avoiding obstacles and most terrible anomaly. The closer to the heart of the ark is a man, the more his heart begins to beat. It is in these moments he realizes all the greatness of these alien monoliths. It is here that he feels a huge influx of energy and is closest to the state of divinity. This feeling makes his move on toward madness in search of valuable items and artifacts.

Exist in the new world of places where you lose your identity. Even where time flows differently. Where on who you were still only a small part, and the remaining space takes the fear ... Fear stay here forever, fear not escape the fear cease to exist on this piece of land where you no one will ever find.

People call these places abnormal areas.

They began to appear in soon after the first penetration of people inside the ark. These zones are insidious and terrible. Much more often people do not find out from there, rather than returning home safely.

Concentrated anomaly mostly near the ark. They literally stuck to them and thus create a shield that covers the ark, because of the human society.

There is always brave, ready to challenge the most severe tests, ready to fire, water and copper pipes, for the sake of fame and money. No exception, and this case.

Immortal had nothing to lose and they began to look for ways to combat circumvention and anomalous zones. An infinite number of times they fell, revives and again went on the offensive. While in the end did not understand the mechanisms of anomalies.

Anomalies obey their own laws and act strictly on the instructions of the situation. Immortals have learned to look for loopholes in the anomalies. Even goes so far that some of them were able to control anomalies, run them at the right time and the right to direct the vector. They know the whole nature of these zones and become their true lords.

The world has changed and will never be the same again.’The bio-contagions that are uncontrollably leaking in the atmosphere have caused the mass extermination of people, and the mutation of both people and animals. These mutated creatures run a muck throughout the new world and are a very dangerous to the human survivors. The axiom is traveler beware because at every turn lurks hidden dangers. In this world the only certainty is the uncertainty of life.

Monsters are a real and present danger to the survival of the human race, but the monsters are only in search of food and safety. The most clear danger to human life in Pangaea is sadly the remnant of human survivors seeking survival by any means necessary. The unpredictability of the human mind driven by illogical emotions make other people the worst enemies you will encounter no matter the location or stage of your journey.

There will be immense threats that will test, not only your bravery and courage, but your ability to think and act quickly driven by only adrenaline and reflex. You will be forced to face every danger head-on, both your internal fears and the external dangers with the same amount of valor, cunning and skill to ensure your survival and that of others you may make alliances with along your trudge through this arduous New World of Pangaea.

Maneuvering and surviving Pangaea: The New World will require you to reach down inside and find the strength, willingness, courage, and adaptability to be a hunter, herdsman, farmer, and architect to find and grow food and build the needed structures, all the time needing to muster from your deepest recesses, the ability to be a fierce warrior. Do you have what it takes to survive and thrive in Pangaea: The New World?


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